I’ve been creating ‘micro worlds’ for some time, at first using plastic figures before realising the limitations. The man in the image here is an arts perfomer who was doing a trampoline act at a local festival.  I reviewed the image numerous times trying to think of a ‘scene’ to put him in.  the vision occured to me when I was making coffee in my kitchen so I set up the scene to create this image in my bedroom ‘studio’

Image Location:  London

For the main scene I used my Nikon D90, 18-70mm DX lens at f/8, ISO 100, 1/60 sec.  The trampoline artist was captured with the Nikon D90, a Tamron 70-300mm, f/5, shutter 1/100, ISO 400

Dave Flynn Photography

I like to put what’s in my mind in the viewers too. For my images to grab your attention for that extra few seconds and for my work to speak for itself.  I don’t follow the crowd, I create what’s in my minds eye.  This practice stays with me, whatever I’m shooting.  For me there is no beginnings or endings when creating stories through images.

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