Whilst taking wonders through London, anything can stop you in you’re tracks. This was taken near rush hour with commuters passing behind the camera and the perfect peace and stillness of a summer sky at sunset in sight. It’s the image that most see out the window of they’re workplace before the end of the day and one that I had to stop and capture to show that London can be more than a busy, noisy city. I waited for the gap in traffic and shot 3 exposures for a HDR image.

Image Location:  Chelsea Bridge, London

Canon 5DMKII , Canon 17-40mm F4 USM., 3 exposures at 0.5s , 1/8s , 2.0s, F5.6, ISO 100

Colin Gourlay Photography

London is a beautiful and inspiring place! Follow the link to see it in pictures! – http://www.colingourlayphotography.co.uk